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South West

 Dunster Beach Holiday Camp was created in the 1920s and 1930s the ridge between the Hawn and the sea.

The people of medieval Dunster came from many places, which has left traces in their surnames.

 In 1765 a route from Minehead harbour to Bampton via Friday Street and Dunster was turnpiked, with the road to Carhampton, by the Minehead Trust,

Cloth was woven at Dunster by 1266 and cloths known as Dunsters were exported from the mid 16th century.

The Minehead port area, which stretched from the Devon boundary to Shurton Barrs near Stogursey, was full of small creeks and landing places where

Minehead harbour belonged to the Luttrells and was run by harbourmas

Minehead harbour is a well known feature of the seaside resort offering shelter for pleasure boats, fishing trips and the occasional excitement of

Transcription of the diaries of Robert Pearse junior, clothier, of Launceston. Transcribed by Dr Tony Wise.

The Luttrells as owners of Carhampton hundred administered the constituent tithings within their demesne manors in their manor courts but the remai

Dunster is a compact settlement west of the Avill and the Tor between Grabbist Hill to the south and Conygar Hill to the north and seems to have de