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In 1819 there were two schools in Upton Grey built on land owned by the Lord of the Manor, John Hanbury Beaufoy, which were supported on the Nation

St Mary's Church

Upton Grey parish included the manors of Upton Grey and Hoddington.

Five wills and four inventories survive for this period, all from HRO, reflecting a mixed farming economy of sheepa nd crops.

Eight wills and eight inventories together with one set of accounts survive for this period.

Nine wills and seven inventories survive for this period. the earliest two were written in Latin.

Twelve wills and eleven inventories, one court paper survive for this period for the two manors of Upton Grey and Hoddington within the parish of U

The rural parish of Upton Grey is located on the north-east edge of the Hampshire chalk downland some 20 miles (32 km.) north-east of Winchester an