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Lanacre Bridge

Lanacre or Landacre Bridge crosses the river Barle two miles west of Withypool village.

The area around this ancient bridge on the river Barle is one of great natural beauty making it a magnet for tourists.

Mount's Bay was a major trading area with five ports in the 14th century.

The earliest reference found to the Hylton Ferry (HER 446) was in 1322 when Baron Hylton granted to his chaplain "the passage of Bovisferry" (an ox

Until the 18th century the only communal means of contact between the main Wearmouth settlements was the ferry crossing situated at the most easter

Hendon, located on the coast, immediately to the south of the borough, was already in use as a port by the later 14th century, although other refer

The foreshore at Hendon where, acording to 14th century records, ships were moored.

Henley from the Wargrave Road (detail) by Jan Siberechts: from an original painting in the River & Rowing Museum, Henley-on-Thames

Image: Culham Lock in 1888, a modern-style poundlock with gates at each end.

Codford was sited on an ancient road running on the north side of the river Wylye, from Warminster in the west to Wilton in the east.