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Alcombe is now part of Minehead but was formerly a village in Dunster parish.

Education was provided by several teachers and at a charity school but in 1818 only 120 children attended day schools and the poor lacked education

Minehead like most places was affected by the loss of men to the front during the First World War but as a port the town was used to war and its conse

Coastal shipping was the mainstay of the port of Minehead and many ships were owned by Minehead merchants, mariners and others.

Many retired master mariners were always designated Captain and no doubt spent their leisure hours down at the harbour reminiscing of their days at

Minehead suffered greatly from fires, mostly caused by reckless behaviour.

Tourism began in a modest way in the late 18th century and by the mid 19th century as the port declined Quaytown's houses opened their doors to hol

Minehead harbour is a well known feature of the seaside resort offering shelter for pleasure boats, fishing trips and the occasional excitement of

Minehead market was always overshadowed by that at Dunster but has its own interesting history and a fine Edwardian market house.

We take street lighting for granted but it was slow to reach many parts of Britain and some communities have never had street lighting and do not d