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Clock Tower was built in 1877 in memory of Charles Townsend Hook.

During their time in Gloucestershire, the Hook family became acquainted with the Rev. T.

Preston Hall – country house in Ayelesford

Burham works were established around 1850 by Thomas Cubitt, the Victorian master builder.

Eccles Row

Eccles is a village in the English county of Kent, part of the parish of Aylesford and in the valley of the River Medway.

Wouldham Hall Cement Works

Aylesford Pottery Company

Kent wills: 1750-1769, including: 

George GotherWilliam HeadleyJohn TaylorWilliam DayMargaret DentenJames Hulkes 

Kent wills: 1770-1789 including:Charles MilnerPeter GunningWilliam HutchisonJames HulkesJacob SmithJohn BowesBarnard MartinSarah WeeksCharles Arnol