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This section shows photographs of building works at Parham House undertaken after 1921 by the new owners, Clive and Alicia Pearson, and their archi

Sir Thomas Palmer built the Elizabethan house at Parham.

Parham House has been depicted many times in paintings, prints, sketches, maps and photographs, as well as in architectural drawings. By using the

The gardens and grounds at Parham House are featured in this section.

Part of the research into the building of Parham House was a dendrochronological survey of roof timbers at Parham House, undertaken to discover the

This section includes written descriptions of Parham House.

The Bishopp family bought Parham from the Palmers in 1601 and stayed there until the last of the line died in 1828.

Much of our knowledge about Elizabethan Parham comes from the work which the Pearsons and their architect Victor Heal carried out on the house from

The Palmers used several types of stone at Parham. A local sandstone called Amberley Blue was the main choice for the external walls.

This section contains photographs of specialist research at Parham House.