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Over the coming weeks a selection of the many photographs commissioned for this project will be put here.This aerial photograph is by courtesy of t

The greatest period of smuggling coincided with wars from 1689 to 1815. Starting as a response to a salt tax in the 1680s, by the 1690s many other

An extract from the report compiled by Eric Berry and Nick Cahill

An extract from the report by Eric Berry and Nick Cahill

Mount's Bay was a major trading area with five ports in the 14th century.

Topographical views of Mount's Bay.

Penzance and Newlyn were rival ports in Mount's Bay - through out history they were competing for economic dominance of the bay.

Newlyn town had a quay since medieval times, but it appears to have collapsed.

By the 19th century Mousehole was just one distinct settlement. Its population growth was small, from 1461 in 1841 to 1655 in 1901.