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During the Civil War Taunton because of its castle was frequently the scene of military activity.

Somerset has a good selection of 17th and 18th century probate inventories for the west of the county but later ones are rare.

Longrun with its former farmstead is well known to dog walkers, runners, young people and others but the millpond is hidden and nearly dry and all

The medieval manor mill at Bishops Hull went out of use in the 1340s but by the late 16th century the parish was home to a large number of mills, a

Both Fideoak mill and Longaller mill in Bishops Hull were on Fideoak manor and were fulling mills in 1578 and presumably until the 17th century.

Unlike the other Bishops Hull mills Roughmoor mill was not on the river Tone but on one of its northern tributaries.

The war memorial for Bishops Hull stands in a prominent position in the centre of the village.

Mary Sweet was the creator of the western side of the present Castle Hotel, Taunton in the 1830s.

Twice married, long-lived and one of the wealthiest women in the parish of Bishops Hull, Betty Dewberry’s life spanned almost the whole 18th centur

Bishops Hull acquired several new residents from the mid 18th century who had formerly lived in the West Indies.