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The George Inn, first recorded in 1541, had become the stopping place for the Rocket stagecoach before 1800, and was described in 1787 as a stone a

At Home Close on the High Street (once the Post Office and for a time Shirley House), a half storey and a south-west wing were added to the mid-17t

Salisbury had markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 1361 and 1960; there was no market on the other four to encourage trade in Old Sarum and Wi

A market has occured in Marlborough throughout its history as was vital to trading in the town.

Marlborough’s position on the main London to Bristol road made it a centre of trade and industry.

The town was held by Brictric, a Saxon in 1086 after his father had held it at the conquest of William the conqueror in 1066.

Thursday market was granted in 1219 & 1252 to the lord of Amesbury manor, Saturday market in 1317 to Amesbury priory, Wednesday market in 1614

In the 17th century Amesbury was an important centre for the manufacture of clay pipes, quality of its products became famous far beyond the local