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The late Victorian period was one of public health reform and the construction of new streets in the city.

Since at least the time of John Cabot, Italians have been resident in Bristol.

Though the Bristol public had raised a generous sum for Irish famine relief in 1847, the prospect an increased flow of largely poor and Catholic Ir

Now portrayed as one of Bristol's most revered adopted daughters, she is best remembered as pioneering educational provision for the poor.

The 1851 census can help us to identify parishes inhabited by first-generation immigrants.

While numerically insignificant, the existence of Black Bristolians is important to document, as they bridge the gap between what we know about the

Sometime in the 1800s, a small number of largely impoverished Italians, some from the mountainous regions of Northern Italy (mainly around Tuscany)

This Concert Hall, owned by the City Council, was erected in 1867 and named in honour of local merchant Edward Colston.

Bristol Cathedral was founded as St Augustine's Abbey in 1140 by Robert Fitzharding, a wealthy local landowner and royal official.