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The coastal area south of the port of Sunderland, Hendon and its coastline have been much altered over past centuries.

From 1500 until 1840, almost all the power to grind corn in the district was provided by wind.

At the opening of the 18th century, Southwick appeared little altered from the middle ages.

Roker and Seaburn are seaside resorts of long-standing, their development boosted first by tram services, and later by railways.

Almshouses were built to cater for the "respectable poor" from early in the 1700s. For the desperate, there was the workhouse.

The industrial settlement of Monkwearmouth Shore, hemmed in by ballast heaps, was largely demolished late in the 19th century. 

A significant village on the outer fringes of Bishopwearmouth parish, the coastal settlement of Ryhope found a new lease of life when a pit village

The historic centre of Bishopwearmouth has been subjected to more change than most parts of the city.

There were Jewish inhabitants at an early date, a rabbi and small congregation by the late 18th century, and a greater influx after 1870, of Lithua

Of the mansions in the outer parts of Bishopwearmouth, little has endured but the names which are now attached to suburban housing estates or parks