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This memorial is in East Anstey church and commemorates Albert William Tarr who was killed on the railway line on the 8 January 1935.

Bilbower, High Street, a doctor's surgery in 2008

Signatures and marks of Brushford parishioners agreeing to stand surety for the father of an illegitimate child 1649 [1648 old style].  

Brass in Dulverton church to Humphry Sydenham of Combe, Dulverton, d. 1710 aged 38

Late 17th-century Hele Bridge farmhouse, Dulverton.

Monument in Hawkridge church to a man who emigrated to Queensland, Australia

Molland Town Band

A memorial to the tragic deaths of the Pincombe family from Molland who had set sail for Canada hoping for a better life.

William I on a penny struck in Watchet, the nearest mint to Exmoor.

Pixton Park in its woodland setting on a hill high above the river Barle