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Both the church and village of St Germoe, are named after St Germoe, a 5th century Irish saint.

To most people today, 'Bolsover' means the small town in north eastern Derbyshire, about six miles east of Chesterfield.

An outline of attempts to provide an adequate water supply for Bolsover, which stands on high ground some distance from readily accessible sources

Parish Life and the Hardwick Estate

The medieval parish of Bishopwearmouth comprised the townships of Bishopwearmouth, Ford, Bishopwearmouth Panns, Ryhope, Silksworth, Tunstall and Bu

The ancient parish of Monkwearmouth comprised the townships of Monkwearmouth, Fulwell, Southwick and Hylton.

Until 1719, the area that was to become Sunderland was divided into two parishes which served administrative as well as religious purposes.

By the early 1700s the wealthy urban élite of Sunderland were complaining that  most pews in Bishopwearmouth were owned by local landowners.

Between 1834 and 1894 local government at parish level was gradually reformed. The changes were piecemeal and conservative in approach, so that the