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Joanna Mattingly was pleased to find this resource.  The piece of the Mayoress's girdle was apparently kept as proof of Mousehole’s former status. 

The history of education in Bolsover falls into several well-defined phases.

The town plan of Sunderland was determined by the layout of its medieval burgages.

The government of Sunderland was determined by its status as a medieval borough.

By the early 1700s the wealthy urban élite of Sunderland were complaining that  most pews in Bishopwearmouth were owned by local landowners.

Timber-framed and set on octagonal stone columns, the Tolsey is typical of a broad range of market houses, town halls, and moot- or guildhalls foun

This is part of ongoing study of Basingstoke Union and Workhouse.

My aim was to study the parish registers of St.

Education was provided by several teachers and at a charity school but in 1818 only 120 children attended day schools and the poor lacked education

Before the New Poor Law and the establishment of Union workhouses parishes had to take care of their poor in their own homes or in communal accommo