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Looking across the Barle Valley from Ashway to Row Lane, Hawkridge, on skyline and Birchcleeve wood.

Volunteers surveying a farmyard at Broford, Dulverton

Exmoor ponies

Marshclose barn, Hawkridge Marshclose barn, Hawkridge is a bank barn, one of the improvements introduced to Exmoor during the 18th century

Tunstall, between Ryhope and Silksworth, remained an agricultural hamlet into the 19th century.

The very best oak building timber at the end of the 16th century came from woods which were specifically managed to produce tall, straight trees fo

For centuries, the Wylye Valley was an area of sheep farming and barley production, where the sheep were used to dung the land.

A slow but steady flow of river water right across the meadow (known as ‘drowning’ the meadow), kept the ground slightly warmer than it would be if

Following disafforestation, manors gained control of their own commons yet, were not always successful in maintaining it. Disputes were taken to th