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The Wills and Inventories of:

The Wills, Inventories and Accounts of:

The Wills and Inventories of Ledbury before 1541.

The will of Richard Beneas, 1504

The will of Giles Keyse, 1521

This volume, known as the 'Red Book',  contains rentals for the bishop of Hereford's manors.

There are surviving probate documents for 112 Eastnor people, for the years between 1442 and 1700.

There are ten Eastnor probate records pre-1501 listed in  the Calendar of Probate and Administration Acts 1407-1541 and Abstracts of Wills 1541

There are probate records for eight Eastnor people in this period. For three of them the actual wills survive.

There are 12 probate records for Eastnor people during the first forty years of the 16th century.

There are 11 surviving probate documents for the period 1561 - 1580, two for women and nine for men.

There are 14 surviving wills for Eastnor people, all men, between 1581 and 1600.