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Codford had no country seat until the early 19th century when Ashton Gifford House, set in a small ornamental park, took that role.

In 1840, the plain classical Wool House had an L-plan, but by the time it was put up for sale in 1869 there was not only a northern extension, but

The Poplars was built in the early 19th century with a fashionably Greek Doric porch.

Overton House, rebuilt in brick for the local surgeon in the early 19th century.

This industrial building known as The Woolstore stands in the ancient parish of Codford St Peter on the south side of the High Street, where the ro

The church at Brixton Deverill occupies a site next to the manor house, at the heart of the medieval village.

There has probably been a park at Compton Chamberlayne since at least the 14th century, possibly even earlier.

Salisbury had markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 1361 and 1960; there was no market on the other four to encourage trade in Old Sarum and Wi

A market has occured in Marlborough throughout its history as was vital to trading in the town.

Marlborough common exists at the heart of the settlement.