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As part of the research into the history of Ledbury, building historian Duncan James produced a report on the timber-framed buildings of Ledbury: ‘

When complete this website will contain transcripts of all the wills and inventories for Burford for the period 1500 to 1700.

There are surviving probate documents for 13 Bosbury people who died in this period. The transcripts are available listed below.


There are 17 surviving sets of probate documents for Bosbury people between 1561 and 1580.

There are 19 surviving probate documents for Bosbury people between 1581 and 1600.

The Statute of Wills (1540) made it legal to devise (leave) certain types of land.

This set of 32 inventories has been transcribed by volunteers at

Built probably around 1500 for an unknown owner, this must have been quite a grand house, its long rubblestone façade straddling two medieval plots

In 1552 this may have been the half burgage-plot belonging to Thomas Chadwell of Little Barrington (Glos.).

Beams and a 16th-century doorhead with a four-centred arch, both in the side passage, suggest a medieval origin for this house, but no details are