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The hill today is a large stretch of open heather moorland between the rivers Barle and Exe.

This Iron Age hill fort consists of a circular raised earthwork and ditch enclosing an area about 140 metres in diameter.

In the area later occupied by Paul and its neighbouring parishes, prehistoric settlement was concentrated in the upland areas away from the coast.

Bolsover lies on a plateau of magnesian limestone, which creates a soil that is lighter and easier to cultivate than the heavy clay of the coal mea

The proximity of the river Wear, the mouth of which provided the only substantial harbour between Hartlepool and South Shields, was crucial to the

Frith Wood is a 75 hectare wood, owned and managed by the Forestry Commission.

Codford Circle, with its bank and ditch, viewed from the air looking south, with Punch Bowl Bottom to the right.

Evidence for past environments is contained within many buried archaeological deposits, but upland peat bogs and valley mires are e