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Dixie Brown was one of the very few men of African descent living in Bristol in the early inter-war period and was a much loved father and 'grandfe

Joseph St. Clair, ‘the black dentist’ from Barbados married a Bristol girl, Mabel Stallard, and made a relatively good living in interwar Bristol.

By 2001, some sixty years of 'Asian migration' had had a discernible impact on Bristol's cityscape.

The Malcom X Elders, inclusing Princess Campbell. 

Rais Hyder came to England in 1962 from Karachi in Pakistan.

While the civil rights marches and bus boycotts took place in the Southern States of the USA here in Bristol in 1963 black workers had to fight the

Q. What has the Mangla Dam in Pakistan have to do with the fact that many of Bristol's taxi drivers are 'Mirpuris' from Pakistan?

EPE Bristol met Khadim Hussain, a Tee-side based writer from Pakistan, when researching the Mangla Dam/Bristol link.

Few migrant communities have had such an ambivalent and transformative relationship with Bristol as has the African-Caribbean community.

Princess Campbell, the first Black nursing Sister in Bristol.