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The settlement which developed into Ledbury grew up in the Anglo-Saxon period at an important crossroads where the road from Hereford to Worcester

The volume of surviving probate material increases after 1701, but the value of the documents to the local and the social historian declines as gra

The Somers' Arms, Eastnor seems to be named after the Somers-Cocks family, lords of the manor of Eastnor.

My aim was to study the parish registers of St.

Volunteers supporting the editorial work on Maisemore for

This set of 16 inventories (all that survive for this period) from the parish now known as Rudford and Highleadon was transcribed in 2012 by volunt

These transcripts of 21 Oxenhall probate inventories have been prepared by volunteer effort at the

These 3 inventories were transcribed by volunteers at Glouces

This set of 32 inventories has been transcribed by volunteers at

In 1652 a house here was owned by William Elston and held by William Haynes; by 1685 the owner was William Lenthall esquire (of The Priory), and th