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This memorial is in East Anstey church and commemorates Albert William Tarr who was killed on the railway line on the 8 January 1935.

Twitchen churchyard

Twitchen church

Courtenay Monument in Molland church

East Anstey war memorial

East Liscombe, East Anstey

This farm and the nearby cottage, now abandoned, were surveyed by a group of volunteers.

Great Champson farm was renowned in the late 18th and 19th century for animal breeding.

Molland church (St. Mary) is of outstanding interest.

Molland Town Band

Molland together with Anstey and Withypool commons, create an escarpment which lies between the river Barle, and the Devon Yeo, straddling the coun

A memorial to the tragic deaths of the Pincombe family from Molland who had set sail for Canada hoping for a better life.