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Signatures and marks of Brushford parishioners agreeing to stand surety for the father of an illegitimate child 1649 [1648 old style].  

Courtenay Monument in Molland church

Lorna Doone

The Bosons were one of Newlyn's leading gentry families.

From the late 18th century there was both a language movement and a revival.

Newlyn and Mousehole were renowned as centres of the Cornish fishing trade. Fishing was the major employer here in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Trade and fishing were affected by Turkish raids on west Cornwall, which began in 1625.

Daniel Dunnell al Dennell was a carpenter and engineer and built the New Quay at Minehead.

Mary Haynes and her sister Margaret who married Peter Elsworthy of Bickham must have made a great impression when they arrived at Timberscombe.