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Apothecaries and surgeons were based in Dunster from at least the early 17th century, serving the area around as well as Dunster itself, so it is n

Dunster Castle on its hilltop site forms a dramatic eyecatcher from the road to Minehead or the West Somerset Railway.

Minehead’s position as a port town in the 17th century probably encouraged dissent to flourish and by 1667 there were public conventicles, said to

Alcombe is now part of Minehead but was formerly a village in Dunster parish.

The little river Avill drove a surprising number of corn and fulling mills in the Middle Ages.

Richard Phelps is little known today but was a prolific portrait painter and a designer of follies in West Somerset.

Minehead suffered greatly from fires, mostly caused by reckless behaviour.

There may have been a medieval pottery in Dunster but in the mid 18th century pottery was one of the industries being promoted, possibly to help of

Dunster's community was heavily engaged during the war with soldiers at Dunster Beach, coastal defences and civil defence besides feeding serviceme

Like most communities Dunster suffered heavy losses in the First World war although at least one man survived only to die during the Second World W