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Cornwall (like other areas of the UK with a Celtic heritage)  is well served by holy wells and springs, with water to reputedly heal and cure illne

Although the Cavendishes divided their time between Derbyshire and London, they occupied rented houses until the 18th century, when the 2nd duke bu

Clock Tower was built in 1877 in memory of Charles Townsend Hook.

Eccles Row

Wouldham, Purser Place, the house of Walter Burke. He was purser on the Victory and it was in his arms that Nelson died.

Burham was once a distinct, seperated community, having very different traditions and peculiarities from it's neighbouring villages, despite their

The Downs above Upper Halling, looking south.

Upper Halling is one of the small villages that makes up the Medway Valley.

Halling, Kent Road, looking south.

Burham, Scarborough Terrace (visible on the skyline), looking north. The chalk pit has already fallen into disuse.

Halling High Street looking north c.1910. Although the shops on the left have gone, the buildings remain.