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Eccles is a village in the English county of Kent, part of the parish of Aylesford and in the valley of the River Medway.

Barge on the Medway proceeding towards Rochester, with Wouldham in the background.

The growth in the population is due to the presence of the Lime and Cement Works in the parish which William Peters established in the 1850s and 18

Census data for 1841, 1861 and 1881 has been compiled for four areas within the Medway Towns: Luton (Chatham), Old Brompton (Chatham and Gillingham

The Troy Town area of Rochester, within the parish of St Margaret's, was first built  between about 1800-1830.

Part of the research into the building of Parham House was a dendrochronological survey of roof timbers at Parham House, undertaken to discover the

Major events in the life of a country house often leave little trace upon the building.

The riots against the Salvation Army in Basingstoke in the early 1880s gave rise to questions in the House of Commons, led to the publication of a

This is part of ongoing study of Basingstoke Union and Workhouse.

Basingstoke Inns, Beerhouses and associated businesses in the 1851 census.