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William I on a penny struck in Watchet, the nearest mint to Exmoor.

Royal arms 1609 in Winsford church. Exmoor was not too remote to escape the outcome of conflict between king and parliament in the 1640s.

The table shows people of African descent  who lived in Bristol. Scipio Africanus  (1720) was one of them.

While the civil rights marches and bus boycotts took place in the Southern States of the USA here in Bristol in 1963 black workers had to fight the

The St Paul's Carnival is a barometer of the social and ideological changes within Bristol's race relations.

After the First World War the government announced its intention to provide 'homes fit for heroes' for returning servicemen and their families.

Raja Rammohan Roy was born of a distinguished Brahmin family in Bengal.

Chartism was nationwide movement for voting reform in Victorian England.

The Minehead port area, which stretched from the Devon boundary to Shurton Barrs near Stogursey, was full of small creeks and landing places where

In much of England in the Middle Ages, routine business relating to local communities was conducted at the appropriate manorial court, while seriou