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The St Paul's Carnival is a barometer of the social and ideological changes within Bristol's race relations.

Though the Bristol public had raised a generous sum for Irish famine relief in 1847, the prospect an increased flow of largely poor and Catholic Ir

After the First World War the government announced its intention to provide 'homes fit for heroes' for returning servicemen and their families.

The history of education in Bolsover falls into several well-defined phases.

To most people today, 'Bolsover' means the small town in north eastern Derbyshire, about six miles east of Chesterfield.

The manor of Bolsover

The Minehead port area, which stretched from the Devon boundary to Shurton Barrs near Stogursey, was full of small creeks and landing places where

Minehead harbour belonged to the Luttrells and was run by harbourmas

The creeks and marshes along the Essex coast contain large areas of salt marsh.  These were used as land to graze sheep in summer, but were often f

During the 19th century there were a number of incidents of popular disturbances in Basingstoke, including the riots in connection with the Salvati