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The sale of books belonging to David Davies at his death provides an insight into the life and interests of a nineteenth-century rural clergyman.

Wills of the Rectors of Cliddesden

One will, one inventory and a will with inventory attached have been transcribed from this period.

The first tranche of this probate material from the years 1544-1560 is posted here and includes 10 wills and 7 inventories.

The three surviving wills and inventories, all from the 1570s, reflect a mixed agricultural community.

Five wills and four inventories are extant from this period and contain examples of testators who had considerable wealth; goods and property value

Three wills and inventories from this period have survived. All three testators were prosperous farmers, two yeomen and probably one husbandman.

Extant probate material from these years includes two wills and three inventories.

Extant probate material from this period includes four wills, two of which have inventories attached, and two separate inventories.

Thirty-two wills and twenty-nine inventories from the parish of Cliddesden from 1541-1700, have been transcribed by the Wills Group of the New Vict