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Wills and inventories dating from 1541-1707 have been transcribed by the Wills Group of the New Victoria County of Hampshire project, based in Basi

Only two wills survive from this period: one of a wealthy widow from Andwell mill and the other of the poor curate of the chapelry of Up Nately, wh

The wealthiest testator of the 16th century was Gilbert Lookar with an inventory of c. £545.

Five wills and six inventories survive for this period, all of them for testators from Up Nately.

Seven wills and seven inventories survive from this period which is dominated by the Loker family of Andwell, tenants of Winchester College at the

Few wills are proved in this period of civil war and interregnum. Bishops were abolished in 1646 together with their probate courts.

There are four surviving wills and five inventories for this period. Two wills of widows illustrate their varied roles in the economy.

Seven wills and four inventories survive for this period, including the wills of three wealthy testators from Andwell.