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Dulverton from Battleton

Tithe maps were drawn up when tithe payments (a clergy-support tax of a tenth of all parish produce including fish) were commuted or changed to equal

Tolcarne is one of the smaller settlements that made up 18th century Newlyn.

In this section on overview of the geology and landscape of Bolsover area is given.

During the 12th and 13th centuries, as the population and economy of England expanded, a large number of new towns were laid out in most parts of t

Dixon (or Dixon's, or Dickson's) Square is a reminder of an older Monkwearmouth.

Our Newcastle-based volunteers are scouring regional newspapers for references to life in Sunderland.


The historic centre of Bishopwearmouth has been subjected to more change than most parts of the city.

Sunderland became a city in 1992, sixty years after the first attempt to gain city status.

There were two significant developments of new streets on the fringes of Bishopwearmouth village in the 18th century.