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This brass crown dating from the early 1700's, was probably used as a ceremonial piece for trades processions in Bristol.

The Irish, c.1685-1835  

Madron well chapel named after the saint of the nearby parish church, it was visited in the 16th and 17th centuries by people in search of healing.

The Bosons were one of Newlyn's leading gentry families.

The Old Manor House in Trewarveneth Street is the best example of a merchant's house of the early 17th century.

From the late 18th century there was both a language movement and a revival.

Newlyn and Mousehole were renowned as centres of the Cornish fishing trade. Fishing was the major employer here in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Trade and fishing were affected by Turkish raids on west Cornwall, which began in 1625.

Bolsover Castle was built in the 17th century but occupies a medieval site, at the western edge of the limestone plateau in the south-west corner o

The Little Castle was designed as a self-contained lodging for Sir Charles and his close family.