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The church of St Stephens sits atop a hill across the valley from the town of Launceston.

A typical Cornish church, St James has a west tower with buttresses, an aisle of seven bays, wagon roofs and a south porch inscribed with the year

This famous well is located near St Keyne’s Church.

The church of St Carantoc is located in the village of Crantock.

Paul Church was burned by a Spanish raiding party in July 1595, and was rebuilt in 1600. 

The name Pelynt is a corruption of the Celtic PLU-NENT which means "the Parish of St Nonna".  The church was dedicated to St Nonna, the mother of S

It is said that much of the granite used in the rebuilding/restoration of the church was local stone.

The church of St.

Mount's Bay was a major trading area with five ports in the 14th century.

The Bosons were one of Newlyn's leading gentry families.