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The Somers' Arms, Eastnor seems to be named after the Somers-Cocks family, lords of the manor of Eastnor.

A study of lordship as reflected in the church at Clifton Campville 

There are surviving probate documents for 13 Bosbury people who died in this period. The transcripts are available listed below.


There are 17 surviving sets of probate documents for Bosbury people between 1561 and 1580.

There are 19 surviving probate documents for Bosbury people between 1581 and 1600.

From the start of the 17th century, more probate documents survive. There are surviving documents for 37 Bosbury people from 1601-1620.

There are no maps earlier than 1876 detailed enough to show property in the surveyed area, but we do know that a Charles Stringer in 1851 lived in

My aim was to study the parish registers of St.

The earliest surviving record of Gnosall is in the Domesday Book of 1086, where the name is written as Geneshale. However, it is likely th

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