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John Liddell was the son of John and Emily Liddell who lived at Sherfield Manor, Sherfield on Loddon, just outside Basingstoke.

Cassandra Terry of Down Grange, Basingstoke, lies buried outside her parish, tucked away behind the church at Eastrop.

The former site of the sheep fair on high ground in the south of the town was given by the Corporation in 1885 for the Board Schools to accommodate

Probate documents relating to 13 individuals survive in Hampshire Record Office (HRO) for this period, of these seven have been transcribed here, t

These wills and inventories reveal the economy of the town of Basingstoke where agriculture, crafts and shops offered goods to the townspeople and

Forty wills and twenty eight inventories survive for this decade from Basingstoke.

William Willson was, in the words of Lloyd’s Evening Post for February 15, 1804, 'an Innkeeper at Basingstoke [who] eloped with a girl of

The Mount was a substantial family home with grounds of about two acres situated in Bounty Road, Basingstoke. Burberry, Harriot Stanton Blatch, a f

The arrangements for fire-fighting in the town before the creation of Basingstoke Volunteer Fire Brigade are unclear.