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The house and shop, No. 20 High Street at the corner of Worcester Road, is of three storeys of which the uppermost is an addition.

The Seven Stars is one of the oldest inns in Ledbury.

Number 2 High Street, Ledbury, has been a baker's shop for at least 130 years.

When the Bishop of Hereford established a borough in his rural manor of Ledbury in the early twelfth century a new market place was laid out in wha

The Wills and Inventories of:

Church Street was formerly called Hallend, then Back Lane This road was probably the beginning of the early route from Ledbury to Worcester.

The Wills and Inventories of Ledbury before 1541.

The will of Richard Beneas, 1504

The will of Giles Keyse, 1521

As part of the research into the history of Ledbury, building historian Duncan James produced a report on the timber-framed buildings of Ledbury: ‘

On the evidence of the continuity of the ceiling beams, it is likely that Nos.