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Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived at Nether Stowey from 1797-1800 with his wife Sara and children.

James Brydges (1674-1744), 1st Duke of Chandos, was a wealthy politician who made a huge fortune while serving in the lucrative office of Paymaster

Education was provided by several teachers and at a charity school but in 1818 only 120 children attended day schools and the poor lacked education

Before the New Poor Law and the establishment of Union workhouses parishes had to take care of their poor in their own homes or in communal accommo

A modern housing development is now built on the site of Sydenham Teast's shipyards.

Dating back to at least 1745, the Ostrich Public House is one of the pubs which Sailors, shipyard and dock workers, merchants and others used when

Captain Woodes Rogers (1679-1732) is remembered in a plaque on 33-35 Queen Square, he was Captain of a voyage around the world from 1708 to 1711, w

Raja Rammohan Roy was born of a distinguished Brahmin family in Bengal.

Salisbury had markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 1361 and 1960; there was no market on the other four to encourage trade in Old Sarum and Wi

A market has occured in Marlborough throughout its history as was vital to trading in the town.