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The Wills and Inventories of:

Bricks and tiles have been used for building in Ledbury for centuries.

As part of the research into the history of Ledbury, building historian Duncan James produced a report on the timber-framed buildings of Ledbury: ‘

Despite its modern shop-front, number 10 High Street is at core a timber-framed building.

Although disguised under 19th century stucco, there is evidence that this was one of a row of late 17th century timber framed houses on the east of

This is an early 17th century timber-framed building with a later stucco covering and shop front.

The 19th century brick facade hides a 16th- or 17th-century building.

On the evidence of the continuity of the ceiling beams, it is likely that Nos.

This three-storey timber-framed building is, like the adjacent Abbey House, set on a high plinth.