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In the 1800s there were several denominational Sunday schools and dame schools.

Richard Phelps is little known today but was a prolific portrait painter and a designer of follies in West Somerset.

Marshwood in Carhampton parish was wood pasture in 1279 but was partly cleared for a deer park between 1330 and 1355.

Minehead suffered greatly from fires, mostly caused by reckless behaviour.

There may have been a medieval pottery in Dunster but in the mid 18th century pottery was one of the industries being promoted, possibly to help of

Tourism began in a modest way in the late 18th century and by the mid 19th century as the port declined Quaytown's houses opened their doors to hol

Richard Elsworthy or Ellsworth of Bickham in Timberscombe left £200 in 1714 to build a charity school and library.


Providence Bible Christian Chapel was built near the village mill by Edward Cording of Croydon in Carhampton and opened on 27 March 1836.

The Luttrells as owners of Carhampton hundred administered the constituent tithings within their demesne manors in their manor courts but the remai