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Wills of the Rectors of Cliddesden

Transcripts prepared by trainees and volunteers at Gloucestershire Archives, in sup

This set of over 40 inventories for Twyning, at the northern tip of Gloucestershire, between the rivers Severn and Avon, has been transcribed by vo

Very few medieval wills are known for Cheltenham.

Hartpury Probate Inventories, 1632-1790

Probate documents relating to 13 individuals survive in Hampshire Record Office (HRO) for this period, of these seven have been transcribed here, t

These wills and inventories reveal the economy of the town of Basingstoke where agriculture, crafts and shops offered goods to the townspeople and

Forty wills and twenty eight inventories survive for this decade from Basingstoke.

Newnham is a small and pleasantly rural parish located in the north-east of Hampshire approximately 24 miles (37 km) to the north-east of Wincheste

There are three surviving wills for this period which reveal a farming community.