VCH online resources are for everyone who wants to learn more about the history of particular places or to contribute to VCH publications. 

Writing for the VCH

The VCH engages outside contributors in its research and writing. Those contributors range from professional historians, who write complete volumes or individual articles, to volunteers with a range of experience who work alone or in groups to produce parish and urban histories for publication in red books, paperbacks or online.

The guidance presented here as Writing for the VCH is designed to help all contributors to the VCH select the appropriate structure and sources for VCH parish and urban histories. It will be  useful to everyone who wishes to write the history of a particular locality.

Courses and Seminars 

An opportunity for gaining a qualification in historical skills is offered by the Institute of Historical Research through its MA in Historical Research.

The IHR's Locality and Region seminar, organised by conveners from the VCH and the British Association for Local History, is a forum for testing your ideas and interests.

Other courses and seminar programmes in local and regional history are listed in Resources and Links.

VCH Online Learning Resources

The VCH Explore website provides free access to reliable local history materials, produced by academics and volunteers. Photographs, paintings, drawings, maps, text, transcribed documents and audio files are organised thematically.

The Schools' Learning Zone offers teachers classroom materials based on original research by profe