News and events

May 2015

Newport Short Launch
Latest Essex publication launched in county
Writing for the VCH: New Helpsheets and Documents
New Helpsheets and Documents

April 2015

More Leicestershire winners
The lucky winners of Leicestershire VCH Trust's most recent 200 Club draw
Out now!
Another Leicestershire parish history completed
A full parish history of Leire, written by Carol Cambers for the VCH, has now been made available online. This is the third Leicestershire parish history ...
" When ships came to Holland Haven - uncovering the lost port of the Gunfleet"
Free local history event celebrating VCH Essex's HLF Clacton project
VCH Essex Clacton Project - Exploring a Lost Coastal Landscape – Update 2015
The latest news on the VCH Essex's HLF funded Clacton project
VCH Essex's Essex Past Newsletter No. 19 (March 2015)
Latest newsletter of the VCH Essex Trust out now
The Waterloo Bicentenary: A Somerset Perspective
A day conference to mark the 200th aniversary of Waterloo

March 2015

Writing for the VCH: A Workshop
Learn to write for the VCH
Locality and Region Seminar: Tuesday, 24 March
The Death of the Deer Park: Disparkment in England 1500 - 1800
Busy times in Gloucestershire
Progress report, February 2015
Locality and Region Seminar - 10 March 2015
‘“A Motley Company of Halt, Maimed Blinkards”: The Pensioners of the Chest at Chatham and their London Creditors’ -Caroline Nielsen

February 2015

'The Gordon Riots - when the mob broke Westminster': a talk by Tim Hitchcock on 24 March
Join us for an exciting talk by Professor Tim Hitchcock on the most serious instance of civil unrest in modern British history - the Gordon Riots. This is the third talk in the current season of the Westminster History Club, a social event where you can enjoy a glass of wine or soft drink and a chance to share your interest in London's history. Talks are open to all and tickets are £10 at the event.
Middlesex & London
Locality and Region Seminar - 24 February 2015
On the Road: Travel Writing in the Pre-Railway Age
Quantock Archaeology and Heritage Study Weekend
A residential weekend at Halsway manor 20-22 March 2015
Help shape the Parliamentary Archives
Help shape the future of the Parliamentary Archives, the oldest collection of its kind in the world.

January 2015

4th Somerset newsletter
Our winter 2014-15 newsletter has been published
Locality and Region Seminar - 27 January 2015
Tai Lewis Rogers Almshouses, Anglesey
Hilary Binding
Sad news from Somerset