Locality and Region Seminar - 13 November 2018

13 November, 2018 - 17:15
IHR, Room 304
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Mediaeval Period.  Credit: Wellcome Library, London.

We hope you will join us for the next Locality and Region seminar of 2018-19 on 13 Novemember

St Bartholomew’s Hospital precinct in the 15th century

Professor Caroline Barron, Royal Holloway

This paper is not about a region but about a locality, and a very small locality at that, namely the precinct of the medieval hospital of St Bartholomew in London. A rental survey, naming the inhabitants  of the precinct, survives for the year 1456 copied into the great cartulary of the Hospital compiled by Brother John Cok. The aim of the paper is to attempt to recreate the 'community' of the precinct using the rental together with the surviving wills of the inhabitants who chose to live in this 'gated community', and to examine their interactions with each other, and with the brothers and sisters who served the sick and dying in the hospital.


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