Locality and Region Seminar - 21 March 2017

21 March, 2017 - 17:15
IHR, Room 304
Know Your Place West Logo

Know Your Place: mapping community heritage across the West of England - Anne Lovejoy

Know Your Place provides a public GIS portal linking historical and modern mapping with collections from archives, libraries and museums as well as Historic Environment Record data. Local groups and individuals are able to add their own data, allowing community collections to have equal billing with those from larger, formal, institutions. This innovative project depends on collaboration between regional institutions and local authorities, as well as a small army of volunteers georeferencing images of tithe and enclosure maps. Anne Lovejoy, Assistant Project Officer, will outline the genesis and development of the project and examine how this tool for historical research also facilitates dialogue between communities and local authorities about the value of local heritage.


The seminar welcomes all those who are interested in the relationship between local and national history and who wish to share ideas, viewpoints and work in progress. It seeks to make an original contribution to local and regional history by drawing upon the long-established national resources of the VCH and co-operating with participants from universities, record offices, local history societies and heritage organisations, as well as with those engaged in independent research.

To download the full programme for the series, and to find podcasts of earlier seminars, please follow this link.