Locality and Region Seminar. All welcome.

22 January, 2013 - 17:15
The Court Room, Senate House, University of London WC1E 7HU

Stage coaches re-examined: Bristol's coaches 1657-1843. Paper by Dorian Gerhold.


This talk will use the evidence from the Bristol to London route and Bristol's network of regional services to reassess the development of stage coaches and the impact of turnpike roads. Newspaper advertisements provide good evidence of changes in the speeds and fares of Bristol's coaches, from which it is possible to measure growth in productivity. Growth in the number of services and in productivity were concentrated in particular periods (the 1760s to 1780s and the 1820s), which helps identify the reasons for that growth.


A House of Commons Clerk until 2012, Dorian Gerhold is really a local historian, who has written extensively about Putney (where he lives) and Wandsworth, as well as about road transport before the railways, Westminster Hall and villas around London. His Carriers and Coachmasters: Trade and Travel before the Turnpikes (2005) is to followed in 2012 by Bristol's Stage Coaches.