Locality and Region Seminar: Visions of the Metropolis

27 November, 2012 - 17:15
Court Room, Senate House, University of London

All are welcome to hear tomorrow's seminar paper on how the pre-1914 Church of England, through the diocese of London, related to its urban surroundings. Whilst the church acknowledged its lack of experience in the industrialised urban environment, its responses to the social, gender and metropolitan challenges of the pre-war years highlight and add to our understanding of the forces at play in late-Victorian and Edwardian London. Emphasis will be placed on the views and concerns of the local parish as evidenced in contemporary Parish Magazines, Annual Reports, Scrapbooks, and Visitation Reports.  


Our speaker is Dr Chris Fountain, a graduate of Liverpool University who until 1999 worked for an international bank and now is an independent financial consultant. Chris studied for an MA in History 2001-3 and PhD  (‘The Lamb and the Warrior’: Manhood, Militarism and the Diocese of London 1890-1914, awarded 2011), both with the OU.