England's Past for Everyone Sussex


The Sussex project was completed in partnership with the University of Sussex and Parham House. Post-doctoral Research Fellow Dr Jayne Kirk, based at the University of Sussex, was employed to produce an architectural and social history of Parham House. Her work was supervised by Professor Maurice Howard, Department of Art History, University of Sussex. A volunteer project was run in partnership with the West Sussex Record Office (WSRO) and a school project was delivered by Education Consultant, Juliette Allaway. Dr Chris Lewis, Editor, Victoria County History (VCH) of Sussex, was employed as the England’s Past for Everyone (EPE) Sussex Team Leader. The project was launched in summer 2005 with research beginning in October 2005.


Parham: an Elizabethan House and its Restoration (ISBN: 978-1-86077-485-0) was written by Dr Jayne Kirk and published by Phillimore & Co. Ltd in 2009. The book includes a foreword by Sir Simon Jenkins, Chair of the National Trust.
The book looks at the story of the house and of the three families – the Palmers, the Bisshops and the Pearsons – who owned it over 400 years. An archive of drawings, letters and other papers revealed much new evidence and this was supplemented by specially commissioned studies of the roof, and of the decorative plasterwork and panelling.

Specialist research, including geophysical and resist