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Download educational resources, activities, timelines and lesson plans.

These packs have been developed with teachers and education specialists, and have been tested by schools. The resources are based on the EPE school projects - developed in a locality, they can act as a model for teaching across the country.  The themes, activities, timelines and cross-curricular nature of the educational material are widely applicable.

Key Stage Project EPE County Main Theme
1 - 2 Buildings in Henley and Burford Oxfordshire Buildings
1 - 2 History of Agriculture in Wiltshire Wiltshire Farming
1 - 3 Parham House Sussex Tudors
2 Victorian East End of Sunderland County Durham     Victorians
2 Exploring Tudor Life in Ledbury Herefordshire Tudors
2 Papermaking Industries in Kent 1800 - 2008   Kent Industry / Victorians
2 - 3 Diversity Trail Bristol Multiethnic
2 - 3 Slavery Trail Bristol Slave Trade
2 - 3 Mounts Bay Cornwall Port Community
2 - 3 Religious Sites Cornwall Religion / Medieval
2 - 3 Bolsover 1901 Derbyshire Mining Community
2 - 3 Farming in Exmoor 1940 - 2006 Exmoor Farming
3 - 4 Diversity Through Time Bristol Multiethnic


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Download and use our Working with Schools and Project Planner documents to help you set up, manage and evaluate your school project through best practice:
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