Giving to the VCH

The Victoria County History has always relied on the generous financial support provided by interested individuals and institutions, especially those with strong links in their local areas. That support is vital to the whole enterprise. Without it, the VCH would be unable to continue its production of high-quality local history resources in print and on-line, the result of unrivalled research and the superb work of local history volunteers.

You can request that your gift contributes to a specific task (such as research), a particular programme (such as training), or to starting work in an individual county, town or, where possible, parish. If you are interested in a particular aspect of VCH work, the Editor and Training Coordinator, Adam Chapman, would be pleased to discuss how your gift could help develop it,; 020 7862 8799.

A donation can be made through our national County History Trust or county trusts or appeals. Regular support is especially beneficial to the VCH: please consider giving by regular Standing Order.  If you are a UK taxpayer and complete a Gift Aid declaration, the VCH will be able to claim an extra 28p in the pound for every pound you donate.

The County History Trust

Holds money for work in counties which do not yet have their own trust or appeal and helps all counties with small grants.  For more about giving to The County History Trust and a donation form, click here.

County Trusts and Appeals

Local VCH trusts and appeal committees welcome donations to their work in Cornwall, Cumbria, Derbyshire, County Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. To find out how to donate to them please see the Counties pages. 

The Institute of Historical Research Trust 

Supports the work of the IHR and participates in two match funding schemes, so your donation to this trust will go further. Your donation can be earmarked for the VCH work. For more about giving to the IHR Trust click here.  To donate online to the IHR Trust click here.

Would you consider remembering the VCH in your will?

Such donations, made through one of our national or county trusts with the benefit of Gift Aid, will help the VCH. If you are interested in helping us in that way, please contact Heather Dwyer, IHR Development Director, at:; 0207-862 8791 or read more on the IHR website.