How should fundraising be undertaken?

VCH Trustees are not usually professional fund raisers, and they often rely on their patrons and the great and the good of the local community to head up any appeals.  In order to fund raise successfully, a trust may consider:

  • A leaflet – to look professional and setting out clear aims. VCH Central Office can provide help and support with achieving the corporate image.
  • A standard letter of approach for individuals/groups/local authorities/civic societies/Rural Community Councils/heritage organisations etc.
  • An annual event – in Oxfordshire it is a Christmas Party.
  • Invitations to events such as book launches
  • Encouraging bequests in wills, legacies and other possible sources
  • Seeking potential funding by being in the Inland Revenue list of reclaimed tax recipients, for money not reclaimed from the IR
  • Understanding the groups you are approaching, what money they may have, their objectives, and time of year to approach

It might be the case that the first funding raised by a trust will be to employ someone to help identify the next stages. This was successfully achieved in Oxfordshire.